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Naturally, when you are planning to export or Import anything, there are many things that need to be planned out ahead of time. This is when you need advice and services from an efficient logistics provider helping you to get your products or shipments from Point A to Point B without hassles. Choosing Addax Logistics will make all your problems solved and you will get what you want. The role of supply chain management and logistics in today’s business has grown significantly in recent years. Accordingly, many of our customers manage their supply chain and logistics requirements with us expeditiously.

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Art of Managing your logistics

Cost, Time and Reliability are the 3 important elements of logistics. We make sure that you will get the most economic cost, effective transit and service reliability on each business we undertake in all the 3 products of transportation.
Each of our product has the Environmental Design which is our respect to the environment that we live in.

General Cargo Logisticss


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Project Cargo Logistic

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Welcome to our office

Addax is firmly committed to show the greatest respect for the environment and playing every part it can in the reduction of global warming which is the greatest threat to the world today.

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