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Logistics in India

The importance of logistics in GDP growth Logistics refers to the overall process of acquiring goods, their storage, and their transportation to the final destination.
The logistics sector is now considered as one of the most important sectors contributing to the Indian economy and it forms the backbone of every industry in our country.The sector takes over one of the major responsibilities, transportation of goods and in turn, generates employment and contributes to economic growth.
Ranging from agriculture, pharmaceuticals and transportation to e-commerce, medical or manufacturing, logistics holds a prominent position in all markets.This industry is mainly dependent on two of the most unorganized sectors of India, transportation and warehousing.
Digitalization has been implemented in logistics services.In today’s times of hyperlocal delivery and real-time inventory management, it has become a vital part of the economy. and it is the reason for a drastic improvement in port management and transportation efficiency, that is directly boosting the economy by speeding up the delivery of goods and improving international relations.New job roles such as booking assistants, warehouse packers, courier delivery executives, inventory clerks etc., are emerging on a daily basis.This has also largely increased the number of women employees working in this industry.
The logistics services industry provides enormous contributions to the national economy by generating employment, national income, and foreign investment influx.
Integrated logistics is a new trend nowadays. Logistics was considered as a low-skilled industry earlier. However, after the integration of digital technologies and MSMEs, this sector has become an attractive career choice.
The older pen and paper documentation are today replaced by new modes such as E-bills. It is highly supported by digital marketing and caters to the different demands through operation planning, systematic sales and others.

The growth of the Indian economy is significantly associated with the expansion of the logistics sector and the transportation marketplace.Logistics joins all the elements of production with the manufacturers and the consumers that create the economies of both scale and scope. This, as a result, boosts the Indian economy.Growing demand, foreign infrastructure investments, e-commerce growth, and digitization are just a few of the forces that have fueled the development of transportation and logistics services.
Increasing foreign trade and the growth of private online transportation service providers are also factors. As a result, by serving as many people as possible, it is fueling our Indian economy.

The growth of logistics companies and the transportation marketplace in different cities contribute to the growth of the logistics sector. This increases competitiveness among other nations.Factors like improvement in quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility make the environment more competitive.
In India, this is possible because of the efficient logistics management in the transportation marketplace and online transportation services that contribute to reduced operational costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, and better delivery performance, hence boosting the country’s economy.
Even though the current logistic industry is helping the government profit well, it is not wrong to say that the logistics sector spends nearly 13% of India’s GDP on transport.This expenditure needs to be brought down to around 9-10% like other developed nations for the country and its economy to avail maximum benefits from the sector.The transportation and logistics sector now implements advanced technology, making it much more efficient than before.You can use our website for online booking and enjoy the benefits that it provides!